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established 2015

Interior Designing Firm based in India

Sparrow interior Studio is an architecture and interior design firm focused on creating great places to work and live. Founded in the year of 2015 by Vinay Kumar Naidu founder co-founder Kiran D'souza. Sparrow is focused on high-end residential, multi-family, restaurant and hospitality projects. To deliver Sparrow begins with a very simple process ask questions and listen carefully to the answers. We want to understand the needs, wishes and desires of each client in order to impact-fully use architecture and design to address each aspiration. Our passion is minimizing our impact on the natural environment while maximizing the impact on our clients’ built environment. Very simply, Sparrow is committed to providing innovative and creative designs to enhance and enrich the lives of our clients, partners and communities

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Why choose us!​

Grandeur Home Interiors

Experts in the field of home interiors, designing exceptional homes for our clients. Our qualified team understands the needs, and desires of our clients and we also thrive to help them create their elegant homes that makes their lives beautiful.

Building planning

Sustainable and cost-effective design is an essential goal in all our projects. This involves use of natural materials and efficient use of energies to create light, airy and elegant living and working spaces.

Commercial Interiors

Convert your office into an interesting workplace with excellent execution teams and applauding craftsmanship Sparrow delivers top notch design and finishing to make work space convenient, organized and adaptable to the changing trends.

Modular Services

MODULAR KITCHENS, WARDROBES AND STORAGE cabinets are executed in modernized factories, so you can experience unbeatable luxury and comfort on a daily living

Retail interiors

Whether creating a new brand identity or adapting to the current trend we cater all your needs to design your favourite boutique, restaurants and retail centers. By understanding your budget and timeline constraints we offer tailored solutions

Decor and Furnishing

The best of sofas & seating, tables, cots, beds, curtains, upholstery, appliances, electrical fixtures, false ceiling, wooden flooring, plumbing, painting and civil work. Expect nothing short of spectacular.

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clients say.

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John J.
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Smith T.
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Michelle P.
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